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Physiologic Instruments, Inc.
Your Partner in Epithelial Barrier Research
   Physiologic Instruments designs and manufactures instrumentation, EasyMount Ussing Chamber Systems and Data Acquisition products for studying transport across epithelial barriers. Transepithelial voltage, short-circuit current and resistance are measured using single and multi-channel voltage/current clamps that may be directly connected to Acquire & Analyze for automating data collection and analysis.
   The larger multi-channel clamps include a Master Control section to enable control of all clamp channels from a single set of switches. Tissues and cell cultures are studied using our EasyMount Ussing Chamber Systems consisting of individual Ussing chambers, a heating block for temperature control, needle valves for adjustment of gas flow for oxygenation and stirring, and Ag/AgCI reference electrodes for measuring transepithelial voltage and passing current. These systems have been designed for ease of use, easy cleanup, and flexibility. Cell Cultures and a wide variety of tissue types may be mounted on special inserts that simply slide into position in the chamber. Electrodes insert from the front permitting unrestricted access for fluid sampling. Physiologic Instruments is a leader in equipment for epithelial barrier research.
   Applications: Electrophysiology, Pathophysiology, Nutrition, Flux Studies, Permeability Studies, Drug Transport, Drug Screening, Toxicology, Pharmacology, Immunology, Parasitology, Cell Biology, & Many More.


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P2250 Ussing Chamber - (Ussing Chamber Only) EM-CSYS-2 Ussing Chamber Systems
P2250 Ussing Chamber - (Ussing Chamber Only) Ussing Chamber Systems - EM-CSYS-2

P2250 Ussing chambers specifically designed for mounting intestinal tissues using an oblong aperture 5 x 22 mm to yield 1.0 cm2 tissue area. Tissues are mounted by pressing the tissue over short, curved pins lining a matching aperture on a slider (P/N P2252).Usable half chamber volume range is 2.0 - 8.0 ml.

This chamber can be used with the following systems:
EM-CSYS-2 This is an exceptional new Ussing Chamber system design that includes individual Ussing chambers, a heating block for temperature control, needle valves for adjustment of gas flow used for oxygenation and gas lift stirring, Ag/AgCl reference electrodes for measuring transepithelial voltage and passing current and leads for connecting the electrodes to the voltage/current clamp. The system has been designed for both ease of use and easy cleanup. Tissues and cell culture inserts are first placed into a special holder that is then simply slid into position in the chamber. Unlike other systems, the chambers do not have to be removed from the heat block nor do the electrodes have to be disturbed, etc. Pricing for the systems depends on the number and type of chambers selected as given below. Please consult factory for a complete description and to discuss the chamber design most suited for use with your tissue samples and experiments.


Chamber Systems

Ussing Chamber Systems - EM-RSYS-8
Ussing Chamber Systems - EM-RSYS-4
Ussing Chamber Systems - EM-CSYS-4
Ussing Chamber Systems - EM-CSYS-8
Ussing Chamber Systems - EM-RSYS-2

Ussing Chamber Ussing Chambers Physiologic Instruments

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